New Roro Service

Our “New Roro Service” will resume third week of February …

From Mersin to Jordan and vice versa via Sheikh Hussein bridge.

The service will be operated by a Ropax vessel offering a sailing every 5 days.

Mersin will act as a Hub for this service and will connect Burgas into Mersin and back with a separate vessel offering a round trip every 10 days.


The service will also connect Trieste to Mersin, Russian destinations via the trucking service in addition to Mediterranean ports and West Europe. 

The line will be ready to handle:

-          Reefer trucks from / to Jordan carrying agricultural products both ways.

-          Trailers carrying all kind of beverages.

-          Small cars from Jordan to Turkey and beyond.

-          Trailers and trucks heads from Europe destined to Jordan and beyond, we are able to assist you on door to door basis.

-          Full trailer loads / less trailer loads replica breitling garment and accessories from Turkey, and from Europe via Turkey / Haifa. 

The service will ensure faster transit time than regular container service in addition to omitting the double handling and will be direct service from origin to destination.


For more information you can reach us at:

Tel: 00962 6 55 44 234 / Ext.: 110 – person in charge Mr. Ibrahim Badran